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A simple solution to remember your favorite moments.
Do you have various videos and pictures from parties, holidays, anniversary, company events, seminars, etc..? Before you share that video ,though, you want to remove the embarrassing bits, bookend it with title frames, maybe add a little music to make the whole thing a little more fun to watch. If you want to show your family during the holidays and you're ready to upload to YouTube a grat movie for the world to see, you need to edit the video before you leave the world in surprise. Edit the video is the solution. I take the best , add titles , logos, transit and special effects , royalty free soundtrack and achievable HD videos of all kinds for a variety of media outlets and platforms, framing us in mutually agreed between us. Upload your video to a Dropbox , Mediafire or Wetransfer, and then send to me the link.
I understand you are busy. Well this is why there are video freelancers out there (like me). First of all, you need to understand what freelancer video editors do before hiring video editor.
What do the freelancer video editors do? Simplest answer will be; they edit the videos. But I prefer the long way and tell you what freelancers do. We not only combine your untidy pictures/videos together but also we give aesthetic to the final outcome by adding effects, texts, touching the colour grading (I'll get into the details soon) as well as adding music to the background. So we build a completely new thing out of the materials which you shared with us. No matter how small/big or bad/good your footages are, we are able to create something. For this reason, even a minute long video might be taking hours to create.

I can help to build your video project!
Let us turn your GoPro videos to an awesome professional clip.

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